Experienced Insurance Defense Litigators with Excellent Client and Carrier Service.

Individuals and companies purchase insurance coverage to protect themselves in the event of unforeseen occurrences and in the instance of catastrophic events. However, most claims handled by insurance companies arise from, seemingly innocuous events, that happen during the normal course of business yet evolve into litigation.

At Anthem Law, we have litigated a wide range of consumer and business insurance defense claims. From dog bite, homeowners’ property damage, auto accidents to complex construction defect litigation, product liability, and complex medical defense matters, Anthem Law has successfully defended our clients for years. Anthem Law boasts successful bench and jury trials and successful mediation and alternative dispute resolution results in the course of our defense of individuals and companies.

Why Anthem Law is different than the run-of-the-mill defense firm.

When selecting a law firm to defend a lawsuit, all insurance carriers seek different qualities in their attorneys. However, all insurance carriers want to be confident that the attorneys they retain to represent their insureds provide timely and thoughtful analysis to their claims managers and attorneys who are responsive to the clients’ and insureds’ needs. Anthem Law has assembled a group of experienced insurance defense litigators who understand the importance and value of providing reporting and analysis to claims managers and clients, alike. The attorneys of Anthem Law also have years of working with all types of clients to gather information and prepare clients and insureds for the rigors of litigation. In most cases, the clients choose to continue their relationship with Anthem Law long after the insurance defense lawsuit ends. Likewise, insurance carriers repeatedly call on the experience and professionalism of Anthem Law to provide a thorough defense for their insureds and an experienced and detailed analysis to their claims managers.

Please Contact Us to Discuss the Representation of Your Insureds.

Anthem Law is already actively engaged in the defense of clients throughout the State of Arizona. We would be happy to apply our experience and professionalism to your insureds and claims adjusters.