Anthem Law provides experienced construction law advice and dispute representation for individuals, commercial builders, and land developers. We understand that constructional law issues often make or break a construction project or transaction. Our attorneys have an in depth understanding of the construction and land development industry in the Phoenix North Valley. We also have extensive knowledge about constructional law in Arizona We have developed long-term relationships with many residential and commercial builders in the area.

Let us help you make sense of construction laws before, during, or after you break ground on your next project. Contact our construction defense attorneys’ offices of Anthem Law to discuss ways we can help make your construction transaction or development project a success.

The Phoenix real estate development market is growing and becoming more complex. The Arizona legislature enacts new legislative provisions that affect construction laws and environmental regulations every session. The standard forms and contracts used by contractors, subcontractors, and development companies are becoming more complex as the laws change. As property values increase throughout the Phoenix Valley, the financial stakes make it important to have a professional relationship with an experienced construction law firm.

We provide experienced representation in the following areas of construction defect litigation and real estate development law:

  • Quality dispute resolution
  • Collection remedies, mechanics liens
  • Surety claims, payment bonds
  • Eminent domain issues
  • Zoning issues, government contracting
  • Property rights, right of way issues
  • Contracts
  • Subdivisions agreements

When should a construction attorney get involved with your project?

Legal issues and disputes arise throughout all phases of the residential and commercial real estate construction process. If you are a property buyer, you may develop legal concerns about quality and spec issues before your house or building is complete. If you are a contractor, you may have trouble collecting phase payments on time. As a commercial developer, you may require land use and zoning changes from your county or city government before breaking ground. In short, the sooner you form a relationship with an experienced construction law firm, the better prepared you’ll be to anticipate and avoid disputes and legal surprises.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation about your construction law needs today.